Profile: Matthew Burke

Nina Mink

Despite the lack of jobs due to the Coronavirus, Sophomore Matthew Burks has found alternate ways to make money during the Coronavirus pandemic. Burks has been buying and selling stocks, as well as planning ways to make money in the future. 


Matthews’ dream job is real estate. His dad was in that business, and Burks would like to follow in his footsteps. In regards to his dream job, he wants to sell houses along the east coast and possibly Nevada and Montana.  


“I wanted to either work in real estate or stock advisory. I like helping people, while making money in the process.”


Because his dream job will be in the future, Burks has found ways to make money in the past. Starting in fifth grade and ending in the seventh grade, Matthew worked as an intern at his dad’s office, mostly filing client paperwork, taxes and receipts. 

When Burks was fourteen, he also worked in construction and cleaned houses. If there was a renovated place, he would usually clean them up. Burks says that his favorite job has been construction work. 


“I enjoy physical labor,” remarked Burks, “I removed eight boulders in someone’s garden, and I helped  put in new flower beds. I loved it.” 


Burks was paid while working all of his previous jobs. 


“I was happy with the payment,”  commented Burks. “I was paid a little much on some of these jobs in my opinion. I never had a job where I was underpaid.”


Through the advice of his father, Burks gained an interest in the stock market at the age of 13. He buys and sells stocks with his own money, which started off as money he received one Christmas.   


“I started with pocket change, and built up from there,”  said Burks. ”I am not sure others at my age do the same.” 


With experience regarding stocks, Burks has advice for any students who are interested about stocks and investments.


“If you can invest, invest when you can.” stated Burks, “Diversify. Buy physical silver and gold, it is more valuable in a struggling market. The more you invest now, the more you will have later.”    




One of the more bizarre work experiences Burks has had took place while working in construction.  


“I worked for this one lady,” Burks explains, “and I had to move multiple boulders so she could garden in her backyard. She gave me an axe and some other tools, such as pickaxes and handsaws. I am just moving boulders for her. This offer was bizarre.”


He later goes on to discuss his experience with working as an intern for his father. 


“I did a lot of filing at my father’s internship. I had to file papers, and I organized paper for his clients,” Burks elucidated, “I had to separate forms and put them in the filing cabinets. Occasionally, I would get coffee for my father and his colleagues, sometimes I was tipped.”


Other than Burks, there are other Lincoln Highschool students who work, or have worked, throughout the year to make an income. Burks stated he knew of 8 students who have had jobs throughout the year at some point. To his knowledge, as of now, two of these students still have their jobs, and he is not sure about the other 6. Burks  believes that the students at Lincoln Highschool tend to be busy, nevertheless, the students at Lincoln high are often nice to one another.  


“They are usually kinda busy,” Burks admits, “but they are very nice.”

Lastly, Burks has wondered what life would be like after the Coronavirus.  


“I think life will be normal after Covid,” Burks stated, “Companies might negotiate insurances for pandemics. As far as people, we just might wear masks regularly. As for advice, keep a level head, this too shall pass. Don’t go full paranoid.”

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