Profile: Alex Borst

Cai Ewoldt

Alex Borst joined Lincoln youth football in 8th grade for his first year with the sport and instantly became the star player.

“And just like that It was over, we just won the championship.” says Borst, a Lincoln freshman, and a football player for the Lincoln football team.

Alex is an extremely talented athlete who has competed at the top level of many sports throughout the years. He played for Timbers Academy for ___ years but then decided to leave the sport entirely to pursue different interests. “I wasn’t having very much fun anymore and it was just way too time consuming and stressful.”

Alex also runs track. “Out of all the sports I’ve played, track just lets me have fun without the worry of having to perform.” In the 7th grade tracks season he competed in the state championship for the 100m dash and almost won it. That being said, he was racing against people a year older than him.

With the upcoming football season, it raises many questions like how will they play? What will the new rules be? And do we know if there even will be a season? Alex has some information about what’s going on at the football team. “We are practicing, but we have to wear masks under our helmets and that’s kind of a pain.” He also says “We also have to stay 6 feet apart during practice so it’s hard to practice.”

Alex plans on continuing with track and football throughout high school and is very excited for the years to come. “The season is going to be full of surprises, but we are still the best.”

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