Profile: Lola Kovel


Photo courtesy of Lola Kovel

Lola Kovel transitioned from a private school, Northwest Academy, to Lincoln this year.

Bella Lehman

The stress and excitement of switching from middle to high school is something that many people experience. Fortunately, many of them have their middle school friends and people they know coming along. For kids coming from small private schools, like Lola Kovel, they hardly know anyone. 

Kovel, an incoming freshman, just switched to Lincoln after attending a small private school named Northwest Academy, which she said was “…small…and not the best school for me.”

Kovel has noticed many differences between Northwest Academy and Lincoln.

 “[The biggest differences are] probably the class sizes and using canvas. At Northwest Academy, there are usually around 18-20 kids, so the classes of 30 people are a big change.” 

The biggest change for Kovel was the new class schedule. 

“Adjusting to the schedule [was difficult.] It took me a little while to get used to the new schedule, and everything like that. I am pretty used to it now, though”

So far, Kovel says her transition has been going pretty smoothly, with only a few bumps. 

“I like the people and the teachers, so far they have been nice. They have been understanding and working with everyone to make sure that they are okay. It is harder to get help or reach out to the teachers, and I feel a little less comfortable turning on my camera and things like that since there are so many people.”

The coronavirus has affected Kovel’s transition and her ability to meet and make new friends. 

“It is hard to be going into a new school, not knowing people, and not getting the chance, to like, get to know people in person. But the situation has been handled well by the staff at Lincoln, which makes it a little better.”

Kovel has a few main goals for this new school, which she has already begun to accomplish. 

“At Lincoln, I just want to meet a ton of new people and create some strong friendships and relationships. I also really want to have a good high school experience, you know.”

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