Nonscreen ways to stay entertained during quarantine

Now that many people have more free time and are unable to leave the house, it is difficult to find ways to keep busy without using screens. Screens can help students with schoolwork, connecting with friends and entertainment, but it is important to limit screen time as much as possible, as it has proven to have negative effects on the wellbeing of teenagers. Here are some activities that will distance you from electronics for a while.



Since we can’t go out to eat anymore, many people have been trying new recipes and getting creative with food they already have in their house. Now is a great time to improve culinary skills and learn from other family members which can even help after the quarantine. Junior Vivian Wang says “[she has] been having fun baking with [her] sister.” Cooking with those you are quarantined can make it a great bonding experience. You can also make it a friendly competition and host your own cooking show instead of watching them on TV.



The extra time at home may allow many people to get a chance to start or build upon an exercise routine. The hardest part is starting; it is recommended to set aside an allocated time so you can hold yourself responsible and can even have an exercise buddy to make sure both are committing. The buddy doesn’t necessarily have to be someone you live with but also a friend that you can share your goals and accomplishments with. You could also make challenges or obstacle courses to have more fun with it. Meditation and mindfulness can also help with any stress you might have during the quarantine.


DIY Projects

Free time at home can also be used to explore your creative side. Completing DIY projects can not only be a good way to keep busy but also a way to create things that will improve your life in some way. A good way to start out is to see if you have been wanting something and finding out if there is a way to make yourself. This would be a good way to destress and let your creative side take over.


Reorganizing/Cleaning up

You can utilize this time to start and even finish spring cleaning and really deep clean. The time can also be used to reorganize a space without having as many interruptions. Clearing out old spaces may lead to the discovery of some older items that can be used to entertain you right now. Cleaning up doesn’t necessarily have to be inside your house, working outside could also be good, but making sure you are safe while doing this is most important. Having organized spaces can also bring some people a little peace- which is difficult to find during a global pandemic.


Start a Quarantine Journal

This journal can be about anything, not necessarily what your thoughts or feelings are about the pandemic or the things going on in your personal life. You could track some positive changes you’ve made to your life or goals for yourself before quarantine ends. You could even make a bucket list of things you want to do after quarantine ends. The New York Times has advocated for writing during quarantine and even published a list of 12 ways to get you started.


Learn a New Skill

This could be as simple as learning how to fix something around the house. It is a great time to improve repair skills. A great way to find a skill is to think back to something you’ve always wanted to learn but never had the time for. Learning something new can be very exciting and may make life in lockdown seem less monotonous.


Play Board Games or Cards

Use this time to get out old board games you played as a child and have a game night with family or friends. This could be a great way to entertain yourself and revisit some childhood memories. If these get boring, a simple deck of cards can be very entertaining. There are many new games you can play and even magic tricks that can be learned.