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Is TriMet Safe?

Minh Truong
A TriMet 94 bus picking up passengers on SW 6th and Yamhill Street in Downtown

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According to a crime report from released on July 26, 2017, 47 percent of incidents occurred on the MAX, 28 percent of incidents occurred on buses, and 25 percent of the incidents occurred on WES commuter rail.

“I believe the safest hour to ride is during lunch hour or during the day. The unsafe hour is during midnight,” said Bryan Hartwig, a MAX rider and Lincoln parent who travels everyday from the Zoo to the station near the library.

“Always be aware of your surrounding when riding the system,” said Meredith Addy, who is a computer scientist teacher at Lincoln. She uses TriMet to go out with her friends. 

Another TriMet rider, Aabhi Annad, a junior who uses TriMet every other day to get to school, has this to say about the transit system.

“I feel safe most of the time when riding the system. I saw an argument on the train once which led to the transit police involved in the case,” said Annad. “I recommended when riding the system, NEVER talk to strangers; always stay quiet.”


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