Report Card: October 2

Spirit week


With only so many students crowding the halls of Lincoln, it’s sad that hardly any of them are avidly celebrating spirit week. OK, maybe they are waiting until the big festivities and game on Friday, but it’s spirit week. Yes, there were a handful of enthusiastic eccentrics lurking in the crowds, but only a few. On denim day, Monday, most people who did celebrate it only wore denim pants. It would be impossible to give the students less spirit if you drained them of all their caffeine.Fortunately, on Tuesday, masses of students were madly prepped for Tacky Tourist Day-donning all those odd hats and carrying those enormous cameras. If only we had that much spirit on Monday. Let’s not fret- there’s still time to salvage this, if we make Friday unforgettable.


Progress reports


Progress reports rolled out this week and many students may be worried about them. Maybe a single test soured one’s grade or a homework assignment brought it down a letter. For others, matters are running along smoothly. Straight As or not, progress reports were still delivered too early, leaving many students insecure about their grades, even though they fit the mid term’s ending. For one thing, massive schedule changes complicated students’ first weeks. That’s understandable considering the huge influx of students this year. But these changes stuck plenty of students with a barrage of work. Another couple of weeks before  progress reports would have allowed  more fair grades and given students time to adjust to late class changes.  Progress reports will only be sent if students are “in danger of failing,” according to Ms. Chapman, or if teachers want to send them all out. It’s worth noting though that many teachers are dispatching all of their students’ reports, peeving only so many of us.


Homecoming Ticket Lines


Many students love to attend homecoming or the football game. So ticket lines are bound to be deadly long. However, this year the lines are running much more smoothly than last year. Maybe Room 104 staff guzzled  extra coffee this year. We do know that a ticket app developed by the Coding Club is responsible for this maximized efficiency. The app simply scans students’ ID cards when they buy the ticket and again when they enter the homecoming dance. The whole wait no longer feels like  as hopeless as the line at the state  Department of Motor Vehicles anymore.