Bailey Kicks Off Throwback Thursday

This week we did a throwback on the oldest teacher at Lincoln, David Bailey. He went to Cleveland High School in  and graduated in 1963. He teaches Journalism and Government.

Q: What was your favorite movie as a senior in high school?

A: “The Great Escape.”



Q: What was your favorite song as a senior?

A: Anything by the Beach Boys. In particular, I liked “Surfing in the USA.”


Q: What was your favorite class when your were a senior?

A: American Problems. It dealt with current events and the basics of American government.


Q: What was one of your favorite high school memories?

A: Among memories, we represented Cuba in Model UN at U of O, and we walked out in protest.”

I also did an Elvis Presley impersonation in front of student body during a variety show. I sang  “You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hound Dog.”

Q:What was your most embarrassing high school moment?

Mr. Bailey 1963 yearbook photo

A: Driving around Eastmoreland. I was driving, and there were guys and girl and the father of one of the girls was following us. He honked and I pulled over and he chewed me out. “You need to be a better driver,” he said.

Q: What was favorite article of clothing?

A: Collared shirt and clean pants.

Q: What was your favorite extracurricular activity?

A: I worked at Norcrest China – for the Naito brothers. I was also news editor for the school newspaper.

 Q: Any advice to high schoolers?

A: Have fun and seize the moment.