Rainey Shriver: Assistant Athletic Director


Courtesy of Rainy Shriver

Assistant Athletic Director, Rainy Shriver

This year Lincoln got lots of new staff, one such staff member is Rainey Shriver. She has joined the Lincoln High School athletic office as an assistant athletic director. 

Shriver enjoys a lot  about her job, but what she likes the most is getting to talk with lots of different people at Lincoln.

“I enjoy meeting all the different athletes here and communicating with families and being part of the culture here; Lincoln is [just] great,” says Shriver.

In addition to being an assistant athletic director, Shriver is also a volleyball coach and a pet parent.

“I coach volleyball here [at Lincoln] and for club season. I have a puppy named Ellie May, she’s an English springer spaniel; she’s adorable,” says Shriver. “I also have a three-year-old cat named Georgie, he’s fluffy and a Siamese.”