MEChA celebrates Latine staff at Lincoln

Giovanna Bocanegra is Puerto Rican. She has worked as a social worker for two years. “I love how family oriented Puerto Rican culture is,” she says. She also loves the spices, smells, flavors and cooking methods that are used in Puerto Rican food. Bocanegra enjoys traveling, cooling, daily walks with her dog and the ocean. Students can find Bocanegra in her office in the Counseling Center or email her at [email protected].

Ricardo Alonso is Cuban. He has taught mathematics at Lincoln for 14 years. He loves the music and dances of Cuban culture. In his spare time he loves to camp, spend time with friends and family, build things, watch sports, and cook. Students can find Alonso in Room 6 or email him at [email protected].

Frank Acosta Jr. is Mexican American. He has worked in security at Lincoln for 5 years and has worked for 20 years in the Portland Public Schools district. He loves “fiestas divertidas con familia y amigos.” His advice to Lincoln students is “Learn to be in the moment. This is about overcoming addiction and becoming mentally strong.” Students can find Acosta Jr. in the hallways or at school events.

Javier Gomez is Salvadoran. He is a near peer mentor for Lincoln this year. Gomez loves his cultural background. “I feel as if I carry my culture with me wherever I go,” he says. Students can find Gomez in room 101 or reach him at [email protected]

Pablo Dipascuale is an Argentine citizen of Italian and Spanish heritage. He has taught at Lincoln for nine years and currently teaches Spanish language Arts and Freshman Leadership and Inquiry. He also coaches the Men’s soccer team. He loves many things about his culture including “fútbol, mate, dulce de leche, asado, fernet, truco, cumbia and kisses on the cheek.” In his free time Dipascuale enjoys reading, running, card and board games, sports, the arts, music and traveling. “Cuando hay, hay que compartir; cuando no hay, hay que compartir más,” he says. Students can find Dispacuale in room 232 or email him a [email protected]

Sara Matano is Argentine. She has taught social studies at Lincoln for 5 years. What she loves about her culture is that “We tend to prioritize people and relationships over strict time frames, formal titles, or concepts.” Students can find Matano in room 141.

Gabriela Tello is Ecuadorian. She teaches Spanish World Language and Lengua y Literatura 5-6 and has taught at Lincoln for three years. Her favorite thing about her culture is the music. “ If I hear some classic Salsa songs my feet and shoulders can’t help themselves,” she says. Students can reach Tello at [email protected] or find her in room 233.

Erik Nils Velasquez identifies as Hispanic. He has taught Spanish for 4 years. Velasquez is also a professional cellist. “Hay más trabajo para hacer a Lincoln una escuela inclusiva,” he says. Students can find Velasquez in room 235 or reach him at [email protected]

Aliera Dulcinea Zeledon Morasch is Nicaraguan. She has worked at Lincoln side Feb. 2021 and is the College Coordinator and MEChA Advisor. She loves that her culture connects her to family and community. She shares a quote by Audre Lorde from The Black Unicorn Poems. “When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard nor welcomed, but when we are silent we are still afraid, so it is better to speak.” Students can find Morasch in the College and Career Center in room 101 or reach out to her at [email protected]

Also look out for:

Sada Dewey (Counselor) in the Counseling Center

Katie Leathers (Admin Assistant) in Room 104

AJ Valencia (Athletic Office Assistant) in the Athletics Office

David Valenzuela (Science teacher) in Room 231