Review: Greys Anatomy


Courtesy of Whats on Netflix

Greys Anatomy is a medical drama running on many different streaming platforms.

Mia Christian

Whether you are at home or somewhere else, “Grey’s Anatomy” has a big likelihood of being on.. The renowned drama is about five surgical interns throughout their professional careers and personal lives. The show is extraordinary but at times bewildering. 

The storylines go into great depth and detail about the characters. For example throughout the show you learn about Meredith’s past and her childhood. Her mother was a renowned doctor. This attention to detail really helps you understand why Meredith is who she is today. 

In addition to the interesting storylines, the characters are up to the mark on acting. For instance, Lexie Grey, played by Chylder Leigh, was in a scene where there was an active shooter and she portrayed Lexie well, illustrating great emotion around being scared. 

With 17 seasons and 317 episodes and more coming, you would think that the episodes would repeat with the same storylines, but that is not the case. There are many unique episodes like the hospital shooting, “Death and All His Friends” (season 6, episode 24) and the episode where Jo’s husband/abuser comes to the hospital, “Silent All These Years” (season 15, episode 19). These episodes and many others are like none I’ve ever seen on other TV shows. With a very diverse and well-rounded cast, “Grey’s Anatomy” exceeds all my expectations.

Grey’s Anatomy teaches some important life lessons, like you’ll never learn if you don’t try, growing up is inevitable, always expect the unexpected and many more. As a long time watcher of Grey’s Anatomy, I can tell you that I’ve cried a lot watching it.  Station 19 is another TV show that has featured one of the longtime actors of Grey’s Anatomy, Ben Warren played by Jason George. The big difference between Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 is that one has surgeons and one has firefighters. But both TV shows have the characters fighting for their lives and for the lives of others. In the end, I recommend watching Grey’s Anatomy to anyone who likes emotion, gore and drama.

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