Video Game Review: Dark Souls Remastered


Photo courtesy of Instant Gaming


When I play a game I’m looking for something in the game that allows me to feel accomplished by playing it. The game that best describes this for me is “Dark Souls Remastered.” “Dark Souls Remastered” is a masterpiece of a game, albeit you might not see that that if you were to take a quick glance at it, due to not looking great., and playing well compared to other games of its year for its 2018 remaster. “Dark Souls Remastered” was released in 2018 using the same graphics, albeit with small improvements as its 2011 counterpart, but for the 2018 release many quality of life updates were made including a locking to 60 frames per second.

When someone brings up “Dark Souls” they usually talk about the difficulty of the game, and how the whole game pushes you. Throughout the game you are challenged through regular mobs and difficult terrain, but the real difficulty comes in the bosses who are almost all unique with a few reused bosses with a different coat of paint on them. They are the real challenge, and are what will push you to your limits. There are 22 in total, and while the lower echelon of bosses will not give you trouble, the midtier and above will  push you with each boss being different from the last. 

But the game’s difficulty is not entirely consistent. At some points in the game it stops feeling like a challenge, and more of an unfair circumstances. For example in one point of the game you are walking along rafters that are about as thick as your character, and you’re forced to confront enemies on them. While the enemies may not be difficult, the real challenge comes from not succumbing to gravity, and falling. When you fall off you don’t feel like you were challenged, you feel wronged.

What truly brings the game to life is the world, and how diverse it is. Because in one area you’re in a majestic palace where you feel that everything around you is exalted, or you’re underground walking through a poisonous swamp having to constantly heal up, and make sure that the poison won’t kill you. The feeling you’re given throughout your time in these areas is that everything is trying to kill you in this harsh world. Another aspect of “Dark Souls” that brings it to life is the story, and how besides a few basic rules you’re allowed to interpret the rest, and form your own opinions.

My final verdict is that “Dark Souls” is an amazing game that any person who loves to play games should experience at least once.


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