2020 Democratic Presidential Canidates

Below are the 12 democratic presidential candidates running as of October 31, 2019. Since then, Beto O’Rourke has dropped out of the race. Republican, green party and independent candidates will soon be updated.

Joe Biden

Age: 76 

Jobs: Vice President of the United States (2009-2017); U.S. Senator from Delaware 1973-2009

Healthcare: Biden wants to “build on Obamacare”, aka the Affordable Care Act.  His plan would decrease taxes on healthcare and make it more affordable. 

Gun control: Biden supports gun control and believes that the problem of gun violence is the gun manufacturers rather than the National Rifle Association (NRA). 

Climate change: Biden recognizes that climate change is a problem and has a plan called “Clean Energy Revolution.” He plans to build off of the green new deal for his climate change plan, and he plans to get net-zero emissions by 2050. 

Slogan- “Our best days still lie ahead This is America We are America, second to none Anything is possible”

Donors: Thirteen billionaire donors – Top two donors are Morgan & Morgan and MBNA Corp 


Bernie Sanders 

Age: 78

Jobs: U.S. Senator from Vermont (2007-)

Healthcare: Sanders calls his plan “Medicare for All,” and believes healthcare is a right, not a privilege. He wants to lower drug prices, and plans to give employees in businesses comprehensible healthcare.

Gun control: Sanders plans to ban semi-automatic assault weapons, and voted for instant background checks, also plans to close the gun show loophole. He thinks that the problem is not gun manufacturers or guns themselves, but the people who have the guns. 

Climate change: Sanders would end the use of fossil fuels and transition jobs that aren’t green to become green through training.

Slogan: “Not me. Us.” 

Donors: Majority of donors are middle and lower class. 


Elizabeth Warren 

Age: 70 

Jobs: U.S. Senator from Massachusetts (2013-)

Healthcare: Warren supports “Medicare for All” and wants to phase out almost all private healthcare insurance. 

Gun control: Warren has a gun control plan that would reduce gun deaths by 80%, and wants to take administrative action to do background checks and revoke gun licenses from gun owners who break the law. 

Climate change: Warren believes in science, and that climate change is real and immediate action must be taken. She plans to improve infrastructure by putting money to fund green infrastructure to have a sustainable earth. 

Slogan: “I have a plan for that.” 

Donors: No “big dollar fundraisers” 


Kamala Harris

Age: 54

Jobs: U.S. Senator from California (2017-)

Healthcare: Harris wants to guarantee coverage for all Americans, as well as lower healthcare costs. Supports Medicare for All, but wants a private option.

Gun control: Harris wants mandatory background checks for all, an assault weapon ban and plans to repeal the NRA’s corporate gun manufacturer immunity.

Climate change: Harris has proposed a $10 trillion plan to stop climate change, including taxes on carbon emissions, overhaul of public infrastructure and transportation and tax credits for green energy.

Slogan: “For the People”

Donors: Venable LLP, Creative Artists Agency, Google and individual contributions


Pete Buttigieg

Age: 37

Jobs: Mayor of South Bend, Indiana (2011-) 

Healthcare: Buttigieg calls his healthcare plan “Medicare for All Who Want It.” His plan will lower the cost of healthcare, give more coverage to Americans who are uninsured and give more choices in healthcare. His overall goal is to make healthcare accessible and lower healthcare prices. 

Gun control: Buttigieg wants to pass background checks and red flag laws while disarming domestic abusers. He says that “we have got to act fast” in passing these laws. 

Climate change: Buttigieg thinks that job transitions (to green jobs) shouldn’t be a problem and plans to invest money in this transition. Buttigieg has an aggressive climate change plan. He plans to “double clean electricity in [the] US by 2025, obtain zero-emissions electricity generation by 2035, net-zero emissions from industrial vehicles by 2040 and net-zero emissions by 2050.” 

Slogan: “It’s time for a new generation of American leadership.” 

Donors: Both small and large contributions.


Andrew Yang


Age: 44

Jobs: Entrepreneur

Healthcare: Yangupports a system providing healthcare to all Americans, wants to pay doctors by the hour rather than by the patient and supports routine psychological as well as physical check-ups.

Gun control: Wants to close the gun show and Charleston loopholes and introduce a license system similar to the one used for vehicles.

Climate change: Supports taxing carbon emissions, as well as pushing for geo-engineering efforts to reverse climate change.

Slogan: “Humanity First”

Universal Basic Income: Wants to create the “Freedom Dividend,” a monthly payment of $1000 to all Americans

Donors: Funded by Individual Contributions


Beto O’Rourke

Age: 47

Jobs: U.S. Representative from Texas (2013-2019)

Healthcare: O’Rourke’s healthcare plan is called “Medicare for America,” and gives an option for Americans to keep private healthcare system or use Medicare.  People on Medicare will be supported through the Affordable Care Act. Beto says in regard to his plan, “it’ll be measured in the trillions of dollars but it’s not that expensive…it’s a lot less expensive than taking care of people at the end of life who have never been treated in the first place.” 

Gun control: O’Rourke wants to take away guns that are meant for war. He proposed a required assault-style gun buyback to tackle the problem of gun control. He wants more background checks for gun owners, and for gun owners to have to get a firearm license.

Climate change: “They [kids] get that there are about 10 years left to us as a civilization, not as Democrats or Republicans or even Americans, to get this right.” O’Rourke wants to pay farmers for environmental services and believes climate change is real. 

Slogan: “Beto For America, Beto For All.” 

Donors: All people who wish to donate


Cory Booker

Age: 50

Jobs: U.S. Senator from New Jersey (2013-); Mayor of Newark, New Jersey (2006–2013)

Healthcare: Booker supported Obamacare and is a cosponsor of Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” bill. 

Gun control: Booker supports gun control legislation. He wants more background checks, and wants to ban assault style weapons and bump stocks. He created a plan for gun owners to have a gun license, and plans to donate federal funds to gun safety and to close the loophole in which abusive dating partners can purchase guns, also known as the “Boyfriend Loophole.” 

Climate change: Booker created a plan to have carbon neutral economy by 2045. His plan focuses on cleaning up pollution in poorer communities and communities of color. He wants national electric car charging stations and to have 100% carbon free electricity by 2030. 

Slogan: “Together, America, We Will Rise”

Donors: Everyone except federal contractors

Amy Klobuchar

Age: 59

Jobs: U.S. Senator from Minnesota (2007-)

Healthcare: Klobuchar supports the “Medicare Advantage” program, a growing alternative to Medicare in America. Wants a public option.

Gun control: Klobuchar supports “common sense” gun control laws, including enhanced background checks. She says she would “do nothing to hurt hunting.”

Climate change: Klobuchar proposes a $1 trillion energy package, with the goal of ending carbon emissions in the U.S. entirely by 2050.

Slogan: “Let’s Get to Work”

Donors: University of Minnesota, General Mills, Delta Airlines, and Individual Contributions


Julian Castro

Age: 45

Jobs: U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (2014-2017) 

Healthcare: Castro supports Medicare for All. He plans to pay for it by increasing taxes on the wealthiest Americans and corporations. 

Gun control: Castro would focus on restricting firearms. In an interview with NBC News, he said that he would classify people who sell guns regularly as firearm dealers, and “maximize executive authority to do what we can to keep our families safer from gun violence.” 

Climate change: Castro has a plan called “People and Planet First,” that would put $10 trillion in federal, state and private investments towards creating 10 million good-paying jobs. “The goal is by 2030 to have carbon neutral power and zero emission vehicles, and the economy to have net zero emissions. By 2050, the plan would have net-zero global greenhouse gas emissions.”  He also wants to fund green infrastructure. 

Slogan: “One nation. One destiny.”

Donors: Mostly small individual donations. 


Tom Steyer

Age: 62

Jobs: Billionaire philanthropist and investor

Healthcare: Steyer wants to keep private insurance, but also add a public option. Supports transparency on all drug prices.

Gun control: Steyer wants universal background checks, “Red Flag” laws, assault weapon bans, and a mandatory waiting period on gun purchases.

Climate change: Steyer has a five-pillar plan to tackle climate change; Pollution Reduction, Investment in green energy, creation of a “Civilian Climate Corps,” the transfer from an extractive economy to a regenerative economy and the construction of infrastructure resistant to natural disasters.

Slogan: “Actions Speak Louder than Words”

Donors: Mostly Himself


 Tulsi Gabbard

Age: 38

Jobs: U.S. Representative from Hawaii (2013-)

Healthcare: Gabbard wants to create a universal healthcare plan. Wants the government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to bring down drug prices.

Gun control: Gabbard wants a federal ban on assault weapons, strict background checks, and plans to make sure terrorists cannot buy guns.

Climate change: Gabbard wants to convert the US into a 100% clean energy economy.

Slogan: “Lead with Love”

Donors: Blue Owl LLC, University of Texas in San Antonio, and individual contributors.


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