Good Looks at Lincoln

Cardinal Times takes a look at how students express themselves through fashion

High cut pants dangle over sometimes crispy Nike Air Forces. Folded beanies sit above chilled ears to contrast a striped multi colored shirt, polo, or blue jeans.

High school is a transformative time for many and developing one’s sense of fashion and personal style can often involve leaning towards what is popular or cool to wear. At the center of many Lincoln students’ style is brands like Polo, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Jordan

Name brands like these can be expensive when buying them at market price. Many students who buy lots of name brand clothes have jobs to support their spending.

“I think name brands are cooler than non-big name brands because of the consistency in which pieces of clothes are being released,” said Senior Jacob Warshawsky. “You are paying for the name of the brand as well as the article of clothing.”

Other students choose not to buy the expensive products.

“I like name brands for my shoes, but in general I don’t really like shopping at name brand stores because I like finding more original stuff and don’t want someone else to have the same clothes as me,” says sophomore Izzy Miller  “Those brands make really nice, good quality stuff but everything is crazy expensive. I never pay that much money for my own clothes.”

Thrift stores are a popular place for many students to get their clothes. They offer reduced prices for often trendy or vintage styles.

“I don’t think all brand things are worth their price but it depends on the brand. Brands like LV and Gucci are not worth their price in terms of the clothes but the reputation of the brand gives it its value which I agree with,” said Senior Nic Speed.