Lincoln votes for freshmen cabinet


Julian Bloom

One of the freshmen class historians, Claire Reynolds, takes on a new role in student government to help create the next time capsule with other historians.

While sophomore, junior and senior cabinets come prepared to rally their class and peers at the beginning of the school year, the freshmen cabinet is one step behind with elections being held after school starts.

This year, Anna Loy was elected as freshman class president and Eric Dickson as the class vice president.

Loy said  that she’s excited “to get involved in school activities” and to work with the other kids in the freshman cabinet.

Loy is not the only one who’s excited about their new role in the freshman cabinet. The historians, Claire Reynolds and Katherine Adams, are as well. Reynolds and Adams’s responsibilities include being in charge of what their class puts in the new time capsule and keeping track of their class’s most memorable moments. Reynolds can’t wait to “document all the fun things the freshman class do this year.”.

This year is the 150th year anniversary of Lincoln and with that comes the opening of a time capsule (May 14th, 2019) sealed by the class of 1969. This year, Reynolds and Adams choose items that they think represent Lincoln to place in the time capsule after the unveiling of the class of 1969’s capsule.

Freshman historians Reynolds and Adams want to make a more diverse selection of items in the new time capsule, such as “extracurricular accomplishments,” and “ not only sports accomplishments.” Reynolds and Adams want to include departments such as drama, band and other extracurricular activities to show that  Lincoln is more than just a sport focused school.