College apps threaten seniors’ focus


Abani Neferkara

A senior turns in her “blue form” to the Counseling Center, part of the college application process.

Senior year. The final stint before a new life chapter. Amidst the excitement of graduation, many students will be focused on college and employment. This is the next big step.

After four long years, it’s understandable how a student can feel inclined to look down the road, towards their foggy future. However, this can cause students to lose focus on their present work.

One potential distraction is the process of applying to college.  Lincoln counselor Debra Sankovitz knows how college applications can impact senior year academics.  

“Depending on the number of schools a student is applying to, [applications] can add a significant workload, almost as if they are taking an additional course,” Sankovitz says.

There is a common perception that kids obtain more leniency their final year, when it comes to academics.  But they must understand that senior slacking can hurt them.

“Many colleges have been known to rescind admissions,” says Sankovitz. “If final transcript indicates a dip in grades or the dropping of classes, this is a possibility.  For example, I have seen the University Of California Irvine and the University of Washington rescind offers.”  

Nonetheless, some students admit to a change of habit during their final year.  

“I have definitely realized myself being lazier [this] year,” said senior Brian Kirkland.  

When asked about college applications, Kirkland echoed Sankovitz.

“College applications certainly add more stress because I have to do them on top of homework. It just adds another thing to worry about.”

With extra work on their plate, seniors can get sidetracked.  All these distractions, along with excitement, causes some students to lay back. In fact, a reputation has been built up for senior year, suggesting that this change is simply the norm.

Junior Presley Cable speaks on what he has heard regarding senior year differences.  

“I’ve heard that it’s a lot more relaxed, and you can ease your workload.  This slightly affects my approach to senior year, as I envy the idea of a lighter class load.”  Despite this comment, Cable is aware of potential consequences.  “But I am still committed to school and keeping my grades up, as I don’t want to look back and regret leaving something on the table.”