Inside the lives of valedictorians

Hours of sleep per night?

How did you make it through the last four years?

“Long hours, isolation, and a whole lot of luck, tea, and Netflix.” – Spencer Daigle

“I found that the best way to make it through high school was simply to choose the classes I found intriguing, and worry about grades later.” – Brad Subramaniam

“Lots of memes. Memes are a coping mechanism.” – Serenity Wade

“The most important thing that got me through my four years of high school was the idea of balance.” -Renee Zhang

“Maybe Netflix?” – Olivia Ozguc

“Friends, family, and free periods.” – Haley Schulberg

“Lots of music and crying.” – Ella Stewart

“Short answer: day by day.” -Ben Pagano

“I barely slept, had great study groups and a helpful mom, and I studied hard.”
– Peyton Miller

“I’ve had incredibly supportive people around me, including friends, family, and teachers. Lincoln has so many amazing
opportunities that I was able to find a lot of activities that I was pas- sionate about.” – Kate LeBlanc

Future plans?


Plans for next year

Alisha Zhao

Stanford University– political science and human rights

Laura Epperson

Scripps College– math and art, swimming

Renee Zhang

University of Washington– biochemistry

Jessica Zhao

Case Western Reserve University– nursing and biochemistry

Maya Fine

University of Southern California– business

Brad Subramaniam

University of Chicago– economics and philosophy

Lindsay Unitan

Oregon State University Honors College

Alex Denman-Still

Tulane University– finance and sociology

Kate LeBlanc

Stanford– biology and psychology

Oliver Risch

Arizona State University Barrett Honors College

Joanne Lee

University of Southern California

David Charatan

Brown University– STEM-related field

Peyton Miller

Creighton Honors– neuroscience as pre-med

Hilary Chaimov

Oregon State Honors College– civil engineering

Elena Klonsky

UC Berkeley– sustainable design or architecture

Rebecca Reynolds

University of Oregon Clark Honors College

Katerina Rusa

Smith College– neuroscience and german studies

Ruby Belle Booth

Tufts– political science or psychology

Olivia Ozguc

Oregon State University Honors College

Haley Schulberg

Wake Forest University

Ella Stewart

Gap year then Bennington College– art

Ben Pagano

Occidental College

Spencer Daigle

Colorado College– environmental studies

Wesley Shin

Harvard University

Serenity Wade

Harvey Mudd College– chemistry or computer science

Hours of sleep per night?

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Favorite LHS class?

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