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Sandals shake up Lincoln fashion scene

Adam Santa Maria
Lincoln student styles Birkenstock Boston with everyday outfit.

Birkenstocks are taking modern fashion by storm, highlighted by their $8 billion Initial Public Offering (IPO) this past September. The cork sandals, once viewed as a symbol of ‘hippie culture’ have gained a cult following by becoming a staple for everyday wardrobes.

Birkenstocks have a rich history dating back to 1774, according to the Birkenstock website. German cobbler Johann Adam Birkenstock crafted the original pair of cork and leather sandals.The revolutionary flexible sole gained traction among podiatrists due to its supposed health benefits. The sandal remained unpopular until the 1960’s and 70’s, when hippies introduced Birkenstocks to the world.

Birkenstocks saw a revenue jump of 21% in just the past nine months according to the German business magazine Reuters, but there is still a mystery as to the reason behind their recent unexpected rise in popularity. 

Lincoln students are hopping on this trend. When wandering through the halls, it is undeniable that the Birkenstocks have taken over Lincoln fashion. Lincoln students have a variety of opinions on the recent surge in the shoes popularity. 

Senior Isaac Margolis linked their new popularity to the pandemic.

“After COVID a lot of people were staying in and working at home,” said Margolis. “Having a nice comfortable shoe to wear around the house is something that’s great.” 

Other students credited the sandals’ popularity to their versatility.

“You can just wear them with anything and they are really versatile,” said freshman Peter James. “I wear my Birkenstocks with some sweats and I can also wear them with some Dickies.“ 

The ability to dress up and dress down the sandal along with their comfort makes the Birksentock quite an appealing option for students. 

It remains unclear whether it is hippy nostalgia that is the driving force behind the Birkenstocks popularity or their presence in high fashion and social media. One thing is for certain: these sandals are not going anywhere soon.

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