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Eirini Schoinas: Managing digital editor

May 15, 2023

Senior Eirini Schoinas started Mass Communications in her freshman year. She joined The Cardinal Times as a sports editor during her sophomore year then continued to be a leader, taking on the role of digital editor in her junior and senior years. Schoinas continued as a leader by becoming managing digital editor.

“I have worked a lot on the website and I feel like the whole thing has gone way smoother. We redid the whole order of events, added new sections on the website and made small, but important tweaks,” said Schoinas.

Over the past three years, Schoinas has used journalism to learn about new topics and different parts of the community.

“I like being able to talk to all sorts of people about things I never would have done before. [Like] When I talked to Mr. Brida and Ms. Ross about the solar panels, the green roof. I just never would have done that,” said Schoinas. “It’s been really nice to explore different parts of the Lincoln community that I never would have thought to otherwise.”

In the fall, she will be off in the sun at the University of California Santa Barbara to follow her passion of computer science in combination with her other interests.

“I’m going to be studying computing, Which is technically computer science but it’s more accelerated,” said Schoinas. “I want to do human-computer interaction stuff. I love computer science, obviously, but I like art and have other interests. That’s kind of how I want to merge them together and be able to not let go of my interests.”

Despite the large change of moving to a new state, Schoinas is excited to try new activities and explore.

“Being able to go somewhere and take advantage of new opportunities and experiences will be great. I want to learn how to surf. There’s a lot of scary things that come with it, but it’s totally going to be worth it,” said Schoinas.

Throughout her four years at Lincoln, Schoinas managed to find many new interests and hopes that others will find theirs as well.

“You should always make time for fun. I feel like with COVID it became super clear because there wasn’t a lot to do. When you don’t have outlets, it’s kind of miserable,” said Schoinas.

Schoinas offers some advice.

“Work very hard and spend time in your classes, but do the work so you actually have time to do things you enjoy. If there is something you find interesting, do it,” said Schoinas.

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