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Skylar DeBose: Arts & culture editor

May 15, 2023


Sharon Thomas

Arts & Culture editor Skylar DeBose will attend The University of Oregon next year where she will study psychology.

Senior Skylar DeBose has been part of Mass Communications at Lincoln since she was a freshman, starting with the Mass Communications class before joining The Cardinal Times her sophomore year. She has been a reporter for three years and an arts & culture editor for the past two, as well as a member of the editorial board during her junior year.

DeBose joined The Cardinal Times because of her interest in writing.

“I wanted to become a better writer but I didn’t want to take a generic writing class, I wanted to do it in a more interesting way,” said DeBose.

Over the course of her Cardinal Times career, DeBose has focused on highlighting the voice of marginalized communities at Lincoln. Her junior year, she co-created a podcast called “We Are Not Alone” that centered on race.

“As a Black woman, highlighting my own experience and the experiences of other people of color at a predominantly white school is crucial because these stories are often not highlighted,” said DeBose. 

Aside from The Cardinal Times, DeBose has participated in many communities at Lincoln over the years, including soccer, track, Sisters of Color, and Students Active For Ending Rape (SAFER). As a member of three years and president of two years, Sisters of Color has stood out to her in particular.

“It’s really been such an impactful community, especially going to a predominantly white school, having a space that’s centered for women and femmes of color is super impactful,” said DeBose. 

Next year, she will attend the University of Oregon.

“I think I’m going to mostly focus on psychology but I’m still also interested in journalism, ethnic studies and law,” said DeBose. 

In the future, DeBose’s main aspirations are to become a lawyer and travel the world.

“[I want to] experience new things, make new connections and learn about new cultures,” said DeBose. 

DeBose has loved hanging out with her fellow Cardinal Times staff members during class and will miss the community of the paper.

“I feel like we all are determined to share different stories about Lincoln and the amount of creativity that we have with people from different backgrounds and who are involved in different things really comes together to make something so special and powerful,” said DeBose.

Throughout high school, the biggest lesson DeBose has learned is how to stay true to herself.

“By finding my own self-confidence I’ve really learned that it’s important to focus on what you want to do no matter what people are going to think of you,” said DeBose. 


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