Highlighting female musicians at Lincoln


Courtesy of Kylee Wilkinson

Musican Kylee Wilkinson performs at Rock the Flock.

Kylee Wilkinson

For senior Kylee Wilkinson, music has been a serious part of her life since eighth grade. After getting involved in the music scene at Lincoln, music became an everyday activity, taking up hours of her school days. 

“It has honestly become a form of therapy for me. Singing both by myself and with others has increased my confidence through high school so much,” said Wilkinson.

This year Kylee is the president of Vivace, a student acapella group at Lincoln, and is expanding her passion to playing guitar. 

“Vivace has been such an incredible community for me. Looking back, joining choir in 8th grade was one of the most important decisions I have ever made,” she said.

Wilkinson plans on pursuing business management in the music industry following graduation.


Mathilda Schmidt

Junior Mathilda Schmidt started singing when she was five for the Portland Symphonic girl’s choir. Twelve years later, she continues to be passionate about music and performing. 

“When I got into high school, I was hesitant to join the school’s choir, as I had bad experiences in the past, but I’m glad I did. Cardinal Choir has led me to opportunities to expand my repertoire into genres such as classic rock and indie pop,” Shmidt said.

For Mathilda, music isn’t only about passion it’s also a form of therapy. Mathilda is hoping to pursue musical theater in the future.


Flynn Fitz

Freshman Flynn Fitz is a singer and songwriter. She has been passionate about singing and songwriting since she was little and has always had a strong connection to music. 

“Music is a way to express myself and how I feel. I also love it because it can say things poetically when just plain words can’t,” said Fitz. 

She is inspired by artists such as Nirvana, Amy Winehouse and Midnight Oil, which reflects the type of music she makes.

Fitz offers some good advice to anyone interested in pursuing music.

 “If I could give one piece of advice to someone looking to start singing, learning an instrument or making music I would say just go for it,”  said Fitz. “Don’t be afraid to express your opinion and your emotions and experiences through music.”