Seniors discuss post high school plans


Tabitha Lee

Seniors Jonah Byars and Reed St. John discuss post-high school plans.

As fall comes to a close, so do the early application deadlines for schools. Students now wait to hear back, hopeful that the efforts of their entire high school career paid off and were good enough to get them into the school of their choosing. The last three years culminate in the form of a transcript and a grade point average.

“I feel like there definitely is an expectation set by my parents that I go to college,” said senior Reed St. John.

Conversations among seniors throughout the fall have focused on where people are applying, their application status and the chances of them getting in. 

Though going to college seems to be the most commonly taken route for Lincoln graduates, some students are following alternative routes after graduation to explore the world, gain work experience, learn a trade or fulfill mandatory work requirements for citizenship abroad.  

 For senior Jonah Byars, completing mandatory public service is necessary to maintain his Austrian citizenship. This applies to all able-bodied male citizens of Austria, and requires them to complete 6-12 months of public or military service for their country. 

“I feel slightly stressed, but I’m excited to try to do something new with my life,” said Byars. “I’m planning on going to college when I’ve completed my service.” 

Lincoln college coordinator Aliera Zeledon Morasch weighs in on the topic. 

“The most important part of planning your steps after high school is to figure out a path that is meaningful to you and will help you achieve your goals – not those of your peers or parents. Many students don’t realize how many pathways there really are, and that there isn’t one single pathway that leads to success. In the College & Career Center, we’re here to think through your interests and goals and help you plan for a future that makes sense and is exciting for you, whether that’s in the trades, the military, a community college, a 4-year college, or something else,” said Zeledon Morasch. 

Visit the College and Career Center in room 153 to learn more.