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Gracie Pixton: Reporter

June 10, 2021


Courtesy of Gracie Pixton

Former reporter Gracie Pixton will be attending Baylor University in the fall.

Gracie Pixton has been a reporter for The Cardinal Times since her junior year. She joined the newspaper to pursue one of her passions. 

“Writing has been a passion of mine, and I thought The Cardinal Times would be a great place to exercise that,” she said. “I wanted to be a part of a team that would…get me more involved in my school community.” 

Being part of the newspaper has allowed her to be more involved in school and more experienced at writing.

This involvement has led to her creating the column, “Let’s talk mental health.” Spreading positivity about this topic was a key passion of Pixton’s.

 “I am thankful to have gotten the opportunity to share important mental health resources and ideas with my Lincoln community,” she said. 

Prior to writing articles for her column, she wrote on a diverse array of topics, from substance abuse groups to International Women’s Month

“I have really enjoyed writing pieces where I get to share my opinion with other students and explore different topics,” she said. 

One of her opinion pieces was about the climate walkout and certain student’s choices on the matter.

Because of the pandemic, Pixton was not able to have a normal senior year. 

“The pandemic has been a challenge, but I feel like I have adjusted well,” said Pixton. “It was sad not to be able to participate in senior traditions, but I definitely still had experiences that helped make this year memorable.” 

Pixton’s ability to explore her interests in the newspaper were some of her fondest memories at Lincoln. 

“I was thrilled to be writing things about what I was passionate about,” she said. 

Next year, Pixton will attend Baylor University, where she is planning to major in religion. However, Pixton will always remember The Cardinal Times by its many great memories and for helping her improve her writing skills.

This is Pixton’s last year on The Cardinal Times, but it is also the first of many others. With this new wave of students, Pixton has given her insight on the class. 

“Write about things you are passionate about,” she said. “It makes the process so much fun and gives you more space to be creative.”

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