Profile: Gabby Shaffer

Mass Communications has changed! Mass Communications is an elective that runs the school newspaper, titled, The Cardinal Times. Gabby Shaffer is currently a Junior on Advanced Mass Communications, a harder Mass Communications class, and she is here to help you out. She will answer multiple questions about how she got into Mass Communications and what it’s like.


Shaffer started her journalism career at Lincoln with little experience beforehand. This has played a part in a lot of the hobbies that she’s enjoyed like leading many clubs at Lincoln. This is Gabby Shaffer and her take on Mass Communications


“I’m currently taking Advanced Mass Communications and I’m on the Newspaper,” she exclaims. “I heard about Mass Communications in one of my classes and that’s where I got interested. I also heard from some of my friends that the structure of the class is very laid back and enjoyable.”


Since Shaffer has stuck with it throughout the years, it shows that the class is very enjoyable and inclusive.

“I’m not really sure exactly when I started showing interest in this subject,” she said. “I do remember that I really enjoyed talking to other people, so joining Mass Communications, where you tell stories, seemed like a good idea. Many Freshmen would probably who like having conversations would find this interesting ”


One of the major parts of Mass Communications is talking to other people through working on columns in the newspaper and Shaffer really enjoys this.


“The new freshmen coming in will probably feel the same as me when I started. I’ll teach them how to use the tools like the cameras and I’ll show them what they’ll earn if they stick with it throughout high school,” she said.


Shaffer’s currently part of the Sports column on the newspaper so she could show people how to maintain it and how they make articles. 


“Reporting about students who aren’t in Oregon or the U.S. and how their lives have been impacted by COVID-19 has been my favorite topic,” she stated. “My classmate Hadley Steele and I have been getting in contact with many different people from around the world and we enjoyed hearing their stories.”


Shaffer’s gotten many compliments on her profiles of the people impacted by COVID-19. This has been very popular among students and teachers 



“Writing profiles about people is my favorite topic to report out on,” she stated. “I have interviewed many people in the past and some of them have had very interesting stories about themselves.”


Her interest in talking to people definitely impacted this as her choice. She really enjoys having conversations with people which is exactly what this topic is about.


“We are like a giant family and I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve spent with my classmates,” she said. “The people I’ve matched up with have been great and I have quite a few new friends through Mass Communications.”