Coffee cart reopening under new leadership


Sagarika Ramachandran

Culinary Arts students learn how to use the new espresso machine and make a latte.

Lincoln students no longer have to leave campus for their much needed morning coffee. In a collaboration between the Culinary Arts and AVID programs, the Coffee Cart recently reopened on Jan. 24 to Lincoln students and staff. Situated in the main hall, the cart sells everything from basic coffee to flavored lattes and mochas.

In its reopening, the Coffee Cart will now be run by both Culinary Arts and AVID students. AVID coordinator and teacher Melinda Gale said that “Culinary Arts is really taking the lead in terms of all of the food-related stuff, and AVID is working the job angle more.”

Culinary Arts teacher, Melanie (Chef) Hammericksen, added, “Students from Culinary Arts are running [the Coffee Cart] fifth and first period and students from AVID will be running it whenever else it’s open.”

The profits from the Coffee Cart will go to support both the Culinary Arts and AVID programs at Lincoln. Gale stated, “Both programs oftentimes have trouble finding funding,” and Hammericksen added that the extra funding will go to purchasing food for Culinary Arts and directly to the AVID program.

Although in the past students running the Coffee Cart has had issues  of accountability and responsibility, Gale stresses there will be a focus on “having students feel connected to the program they’re working through.”

Additionally, the students working the Coffee Cart are passionate about their work. Senior and Culinary Arts student, Sebastian Voigt says he is excited “to bring more enjoyment to the teachers and students and to make their lives easier.”