Understanding the 60 day rule

Since April, posters have been up on the walls around school about the “60 day rule.” 

The 60 day rule is also known as “the commencement disqualification rule: [it] requires that seniors be disqualified from participation in commencement exercises and related activities if within 60 school days of the last senior day they are found to be in violation of district Alcohol and Drug policy or any violation resulting in a three or more days of suspension or more serious disciplinary action.”

When asked about the 60 day rule, Nova Hudgson, a sophomore at LHS said “I don’t know much, all I know is that it’s for seniors.” Some students don’t have much information about the details of this rule.

“The district came up with a safeguard to try to help students stay focused through graduation,” said Principal Peyton Chapman, because [in the past] some students were having “dangerous behavior” and “drunk-driving accidents,” and “overdoses” close to graduation date.  

This sixty day period began April 2, 2018 and will end on graduation day.

“It’s a good idea,” said Linda Dolen, the library assistant. “It helps the kids focus on what they need to do to graduate, academically and socially.”

“I think that the 60 day rule is good, and it should remain in place, but there are probably other things we can do in addition, to help combat the drug problem,” said Dolen.