If Portland was a cafe it would be Tea Bar


Mei Xu

Soft serve at Tea Bar is expensive but delicious.

Tea Bar fits perfectly within the culture of Portland. Tea Bar’s clean cut white interior with a pop of wood and green hued plants is certainly the place for lovers of a minimalist aesthetic. Tea Bar opened in December of 2014. Since then, it has expanded to three locations in the Pearl, on Division and on Alberta, as well as increasing its social media presence to almost 30,000 followers on Instagram.


Partnering with local Oregon farmers, Tea Bar serves a variety of hot teas, ranging from rose tea soaked with dried rose petals to ice cold boba tea brewed with real tea leaves topped with organic boba.


Tea Bar recently introduced their 100% vegan soft serve. For $5, they offer soft serve flavors similar to their most popular tea flavors, such as Matcha Green Tea and Dirty Detox. Don’t be fooled by the pictures, the cup size is almost equivalent to a small tea cup, making the product quite expensive.


The soft serve has a delicate, creamy texture, with a thick consistency. Giving off a cool effect in the mouth while it slowly melts away, it’s absolutely perfect for a weekend treat. The vegan soft serve does a fantastic job mimicking the taste of dairy ice cream, while retaining the flavor.


The boba tea is a burst of organic tea flavor with tasty boba that is chewy and sweet. The tea is creamy, cold, and tastes of nature. It is refreshing and evokes the feel of local Oregon farms. The tea is an amazing compliment to an early morning or day of study.


Many dessert options in the cafe fall short. The small dessert selection of cookies and croissants are as ordinary as the ones found in large grocery retail stores, apart from the inflated price.


The atmosphere and service of Tea Bar fits quite well with its minimal aesthetic. Wood decor, white walls, green plants fill the room creating a cool toned space that is easy on the eye. With windows paneling a whole wall, the natural lighting and views while sipping a cup of tea is pleasing. Mellow indie rock and rap music in the background echos and adds to the hipster vibe and creates a sense of warmth.


Tea Bar brings quite a fascinating embodiment of Portland. It is definitely the place to be for people seeking to relax in a tranquil environment. For $15 and some time enjoying the atmosphere inside and out, it is definitely worth the experience.