Bombs Away: LHS views on North Korean Threat

Comic by Wyatt Lincoln

With the US and North Korea in a heated exchange of words, people around the globe are increasingly worried about the possibility of a nuclear ordeal. US Ambassador Nikki Haley recently claimed North Korea was “begging for war.” Russian president Vladimir Putin warned of a “global catastrophe” if the conflict were further provoked. The Cardinal Times investigates what Lincoln students make of the situation.

Senior Holden Lee still has “very distant” family in North Korea. He believes there are other options to the North Korean crisis than a ceasefire.

However, Lee adds that “nuclear war is not the solution.” The senior thinks that North Korea is escalating the conflict, but that “Trump isn’t helping either.”

North Korea has fired 22 test missiles since February. As each test is made, North Korea further perfects its missiles. The so-called Republic claims its Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) could land on American cities. North Korea recently launched missiles over Japan on Aug. 29 and Sept. 15, and conducted its sixth underground test of a nuclear weapon on Sept. 3.

Lee fears the “North Koreans will be screwed either way” by the “pretty crazy” Kim Jong Un.

Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Jong-un advocates for a “pure” race of Koreans. His country’s propaganda opposes ethnic mixing.

Sophomore Harry Cobban believes Trump contributed to the escalating conflict.

“Trump is a bad person to elect because he says these stupids things on twitter to annoy other countries,” he says.

Others are concerned over the nuclear threat.

“I’m just worried that [North Korea] may attack us first or [the United States] may attack them,” senior Tristan Muresan says.

Some students want US intervention.

Freshman Bennect Biuk says “I think it is a serious problem [and] the US government does need to step in.”

Senior Seth Cunningham worries over US allies.

“A nuclear fallout will be a devastation to [US] allies,” Cunningham warns, “I think that North Korea is quite in over its head.”

One thought lingers in Muresan’s head.

“You can’t really stop a nuke from falling,” the senior adds.