Fear spreads through halls after election

Are you afraid? You’re not alone.

In American culture today, there seems to be an overwhelming presence of fear, especially after the  recent presidential election. People all around the country are expressing their concerns, not only about the new administration but about  society in general.

Students at Lincoln are no different. Walk the halls and you will find people voicing their opinions and fears for America’s future.

Juniors Anthea Fraser and Tim Zimmer are worried about the outcome of the election. “Having Trump as president is a little bit scary,” Fraser says.

“I’m disappointed how this election turned out,” adds Zimmer.

Noah Benton, a sophomore, has similar feelings.

“Some of his plans are a little frightening, so he does scare me,” says Benton.

“I’m very disappointed, but I’m not surprised,” says Benton.

For some, the reality of Trump’s presidency is more than scary. Sophomore Andre Gonzales fears that his family might suffer legal consequences.

“My mom came here on a work visa from the Phillipines, so we might have to move,” says Gonzales.

Still, not everyone is quaking with fear over Trump becoming president.  Some Lincoln students are  happy. Senior Nate Francis was satisfied with Donald Trump’s victory. He isn’t scared of the future of America and is looking forward to the next four years.

“It’s time for change, and I’m very confident in Trump’s leadership abilities,” says Francis.

The recent demonstrations and rioting in Portland after the election are clear signs of the public’s unrest. Thousands of  people participated in the protests, while others were worried at the outcome of the marches. Many living downtown feared for their safety due to rioters inflicting damage to building and other objects.

It is clear that the results of the election only piled on more fears for Lincoln students. As sophomore Harrison Thomas put it, “What am I not scared of?”