The Cardinal Times

Op/ed: Student voice vital in district decisions

Amy Kohnstamm

September 18, 2016

Lincoln students were front and center last week in bringing the public’s attention to the unacceptable state of our school buildings, Oregon’s years of neglect in funding schools, and the City’s unwillingness to address the pr...

How the lead crisis poured in

Armand Yazdani

September 1, 2016

The lead-pipe crisis at Lincoln is about more than just switching from water fountains to water bottles.  It is about the safety of Portland Public School staff and students. That is something that a school district, of all organizations, ...

A higher minimum wage?: Yes and No

Christopher Shurring and Alec Van Oossanen

April 13, 2016

Oregon's minimum wage will rise to $14.75 an hour by 2020, approved by legislators this year on a party-line vote: 34 Democrats for, 26 Republicans against. No: It will kill jobs By Christopher Shurring This new minimum wage ...

Report Card: Issue 9

Sammy Gold

April 13, 2016

The ACT: B- Juniors took the ACT. It went smoothly as it could have gone. There were no major mess ups in the operation. The process went very quickly because students filled out their information  prior to the test. While t...

Christmas/Winter break: Does the name matter?

Armand Yazdani and Kate Fin

December 17, 2015

Yes: Winter break is a time to relax and Christmas has evolved By Armand Yazdani Winter break is a time to unwind after numerous tests and daily, intense homework. It’s also when many students can study uninterrupted for exam...

Report Card: Dec. 14

Armand Yazdani

December 17, 2015

Earthquake, fire, and lockdown drill: C Monthly safety drills help us be prepared for the worst,  but the administration implemented November’s drills sloppily. On Nov. 20, two consecutive ones within a few minutes of each...

Letter to the Editor: Oct. 26

October 26, 2015

As we hope you noticed, this issue has a theme: race. The editors have talked about focusing an issue on it for a long time. When people hear Lincoln, they think two things. The first is “spoiled rich kids.” The secon...

Report Card: Oct. 26

Bazil Sterling

October 26, 2015

Color Wars C Despite a relatively poor display of school spirit for the majority of spirit week, the Color Wars assembly was full of screaming students and flying glow sticks with plenty of school spirit in the air. However, t...

Underground parking plans considered

Gabi Green

October 1, 2015

Picture this: You are a citizen of Portland, Oregon, middle of the tax bracket, medium-sized house, you’ve worked for what you’ve got, you’re proud of your life. You’re driving home from work when suddenly, you’re cu...

Report Card: October 2

Armand Yazdani

October 1, 2015

Spirit week B+ With only so many students crowding the halls of Lincoln, it’s sad that hardly any of them are avidly celebrating spirit week. OK, maybe they are waiting until the big festivities and game on Friday, but ...