The Cardinal Times

We must stop wasting food

Isabella Lo

May 29, 2018

Each year, billions of pounds of food are wasted around the world, but there are still people who struggle to find enough to eat. Many people are oblivious to the fact that food waste is a big problem. People should be educated about...

Local governments working to address climate change

Madison Fassioto

May 2, 2018

Some people in the United States deny that climate change is real. In the Pacific Northwest however, the City of Portland and Multnomah County are working to address the effects of climate change. According to The Oregonian,...

The lasting effects of redlining creates a lack of perspective in classrooms

Hudson Longaker

May 2, 2018

When a classroom lacks a diversity of perspectives, students are surrounded by people who were raised just like them, and it creates a false sense of reality that everyone's life is like theirs. This shelters students from the...

Tainting the Young Female Mind: Celebrities in the Media

Darina Miroedova

May 1, 2018

Open your phone, and Kim Kardashian is flaunting her famous curves. Watch a music video, and Nicki Minaj is crawling across the screen seductively. Use Snapchat, and Kylie Jenner’s face and big lips are plastered all over you...

Technology Benefits Society

Calder Moon

April 3, 2018

Technology is all around us. We have the world’s information at our fingertips. We’re more connected than ever before. But some people think that all this tech is driving us apart, that we are losing ourselves. Cyberbullying...

Social Media Increases Conformity

Ben Abbariki

April 2, 2018

Among the problems plaguing this generation and the generations to come, one of the most frightening is a rapid decline in individuality. People are becoming more susceptible to things considered trendy or acceptable in the pub...

Cinderella at the ball: march madness underdogs

Ben Pahl

March 15, 2018

64 college basketball teams are selected to compete in the NCAA tournament every year(68 if you include the play-in games).  Within this pool is a wide-variety of different teams: the reigning champs, the overrated high seed...

“Wu Tang Clan: The Saga Continues”: A stain on the Wu-Tang name

Archie Barnes

January 18, 2018

When Wu-Tang Clan released “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 chambers)” in 1993, they shocked the world. With Method Man’s rhymes, RZA’s beats, and ODB’s flow, it sounded like nothing anyone had heard before. It was incredible,...

“Battle of the Sexes”: A Hillary Clinton Movie in a Donald Trump World

Evan Reynolds

January 18, 2018

The year is 1973. A highly publicized tennis match, “The Battle of the Sexes,” is aired between incendiary sexist has-been Bobby Riggs and young up-and-comer Billie Jean King. The media circus of blatant chauvinism surrounding th...