Constitution team wins nationals

Lincoln’s Constitution Team won first in the nationwide “We the People” competition for a record fifth time on Monday, Feb. 25.

Lincoln’s long-time cross-city rival, Grant High School, placed third, with a team from Denver finishing second. Oregon is beginning to be known as a powerhouse for constitution team – no other state has won more titles. Last year, Grant High School won, the year before that, Lincoln was the winner. That’s built an Oregon reputation and legacy at the competition.

Lincoln also won the state competition earlier this year before winning the national title. Lawyers volunteer as coaches and teach and drill the students the ins and outs of the constitution as they prepare all year long. Students also spend hours after school and on weekends preparing for the follow up questions.

Fifty-four teams from all 50 states competed in this year’s contest. Oregon won a “wild card” that allowed the top two statewide teams to compete at nationals.

Lincoln’s team this year were Kattie Abrams, Jamie Bikales, Savannah Bowerfind, Tessa Cannon, Jonathan Cordisco, Mia Dalton, Amelia Diana, Julia Dodson, Johanna Donnelly, Will Duffy, Macey Ferron-Jones, Noah Glassman, Isaac Hoffman, Anya Jesson, Nolan Johnson, Maddy Johnson, Lea Kapur, Piper Kizziar, Ellie Kruse, Kate Lambert, Kaela Lee, Olivia Loibner, Analis Martin, Kiran Morrissey, Kevin Nguyen, Ryan Premi, John Ritchie, Jonah Sacks, Cassia Schuler, Clara Schwab, Eve Selbie, Jay Sharabu, George Wang, Kate Weeks, Stella Wiswall and Rylie Womer.