Report Card: Issue 9

The ACT: B-

Juniors took the ACT. It went smoothly as it could have gone. There were no major mess ups in the operation. The process went very quickly because students filled out their information  prior to the test. While the operation went smoothly,the test still took almost four hours. This deserves a B minus because it went as well as it could, however a standardized test could never earn an A.

Spring Break: A+

There is almost no scenario in which spring break wouldn’t earn an A+. It is the time to escape the rainy weather of Portland to somewhere sunny and warm. Spring break is a week of relaxation before the hardest part of the school year.

Forecast Fair: C+

The forecast fair was nothing special. It went just about as well as it could’ve, there were no major bad things that happened. The forecast fair is  good opportunity to learn about the classes you want to take for the upcoming year. The fair offered seniors a good opportunity to get work done and relax.