Junior leads anti-bullying campaign

Caleb Spiro is one busy man. From doing full IB, to starting an anti-bullying campaign, to working with planned parenthood, to working for a youth crisis line, he is always up to something.

Caleb, a junior, is one of the most passionate leaders of an anti-bullying team in his leadership class. The team gives presentations on bullying to freshmen.

“Our presentations are interactive and engaging,” Spiro says. “Anti bullying has changed. It is no longer just taking boring surveys, it is more interactive than ever.”  These presentations have proven to be effective based on data and surveys by the team. Faculty and students have expressed interest to bring the program to Lincoln’s main feeder middle school, West Sylvan.

Along with the presentations, Spiro has also begun to give each teacher at Lincoln suicide training. Teachers will know how to spot a student in danger of suicide and how to help them.

“Suicide is the most extreme effects of bullying. We need to put our efforts into preventing students from taking their own lives,” says Spiro.

Spiro is also on Planned Parenthood Teen Council. The council emphasizes the use of contraception, safe sex practices and the importance of consent.

“We travel to different schools, give presentations, and hold awareness activities and fundraisers,” Spiro says. “Teaching sex ed in schools is very important. Many students grow up without receiving a proper comprehensive sexual education.”

Yet another non-profit Spiro works for is a youth crisis line. As a phone operator, he talks to troubled teens and offers help.

Spiro got into anti bullying during his freshman year leadership class. “I was bullied in middle school and had a rough beginning of freshman year,” Spiro says. “I just don’t want the incoming freshman and middle schoolers to have a similar experience to mine.” Spiro began his work during leadership. “I was looking for a good challenge. The work I do is hard but satisfying.”

His work has changed him in many ways. He is often exposed to extremely intense situations on the youth crisis line or hears about others’ experiences with bullying.

“Seeing and hearing about these situations has made me more appreciative of my own life and what I have,” he says. “When you are helping others, it gives you perspective on your own life.”

Spiro has also become a better communicator. “With the challenge that my work brings, I have learned to become more persistent with my goals.”.

Despite his accomplishments, he stays humble with his work .“If I put all the stuff I do on a resume, it would look extremely good, but the pleasure I get from my work can’t be put on paper.”

Caleb garners admiration from the one’s who are close to him.

“I think that he is doing a great job,” says close his friend, Tyler Honn. “I like that he is trying to help people and give everyone a healthy school environment.”

Adds junior Michael Ioffe, “I really respect him for the passion he puts into his work. He also still manages to stay humble at all times.”

Spiro doesn’t have any massive plans for the future. “Right now I am just focusing on being a good student and just going where my life takes me.”