Report Card: Dec. 14

Earthquake, fire, and lockdown drill: C

Monthly safety drills help us be prepared for the worst,  but the administration implemented November’s drills sloppily. On Nov. 20, two consecutive ones within a few minutes of each other unnecessarily disrupted classes. Doubtless, we need drills, but each takes a few minute, minimally. The following Monday, a lockdown and earthquake drill respectively followed each other between periods five and six. Why couldn’t the school merely spread out all the drills in November instead of cramming in everything? At the least, this barrage of drills made the administration appear amateurish.

School Magazine Release: A-

Beyond the Flock magazine’s first edition of the school year contained richly diverse content. Student articles covered politics, school events  and a variety of features. The political section was especially grand with the opinion piece on presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and other political issues. The magazine has covered less politics in past issues. Also deserving a shout-out the long-form writing that was distinct and detailed. Not to mention, the magazine’s analyses were well-put and insightful. But the price was too high. Producing a school publication should not be as costly as the magazine.

Thanksgiving Break: C-

Even though it’s important to be thankful this time of year, The Cardinal Times still  must criticize the lack of time for Thanksgiving break. Last year, students received a week of free time for the holiday. This year only Thursday and Friday were non-school days, which cut short traditional family visits and travel Strangely enough, parent-teacher conferences took place in October, which cut into  Thanksgiving break. Students received the extra free days in October. It was as if October and November switched places. Usually November, was known as “free November,” but in 2015, it became “free October.” Rest in peace, lost Thanksgiving break days.