Report Card: Oct. 26

Color Wars


Despite a relatively poor display of school spirit for the majority of spirit week, the Color Wars assembly was full of screaming students and flying glow sticks with plenty of school spirit in the air. However, the most significant part of Color Wars came when several students decided the lockers in senior hall could use a little more color. They took matters into their own hands, literally. Hundreds of red painted hand prints covered every locker in senior hall. A lot of spraying and scrubbing came after. This, mixed with a couple of disappointing skits and some faulty speakers, made this year’s Color Was a disappointment.



Let’s face it, homecoming has never been an impressive dance. It’s always been known as nothing more than a mosh pit of underclassmen, and this year was no exception. Could it get any worse? Yes. Hosting the dance in the gym is a huge downgrade from year’s past at places like the Tiffany Ballroom or any other venue with some class. The dance is usually informal, without the custom of boy ask girl or girl ask boy. But a good dance isn’t made from hyperactive freshmen and painfully loud music. At least the food was good.



The best part about the PSAT is always the jokes on Twitter that follow it. The test is long and exhausting, but in the end very helpful to those who plan to take the SAT. My issue isn’t the exam itself, but the rest of the day. Students who take the PSAT are burned out by the time the test is over and don’t have the energy for a full afternoon of classes. It would be better for everyone if students could just take the test and go home. This would also encourage more students to take the test, which would save both students and teachers time, since the afternoon classes end up being nothing more than kids staring blankly at the walls for an hour and a half.

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