Arts and academics

Music is pastime many people use to unwind and relax. As a member of the school choir, Lincoln sophomore Sarah Kline has found it her way to escape pressure and refocus.

Kline grew up in Portland, in a house with two competitive older sisters.

“My sisters all did really well in school and went off to great colleges,” Kline says. “Being the youngest, it can be overwhelming to meet up to my families expectations.”

The success of her two sisters weighs on Kline at times, especially during finals week.  So she turns to a helpful antidote.

“Music is an outlet I often turn to that helps me cope with all the stress that comes with high school,” Kline says. While she finds sanctuary in singing, she’s always been involved in extracurricular activities in some way.

“I didn’t start singing until freshman year, but I did band in middle school, so my whole life I’ve always been involved in the arts, especially music,” Kline says.

Because arts programs have always been a salve to Kline, she feels fortunate to attend Lincoln with its healthy arts program. She sympathizes with  many students in other schools who have to face favorite art programs being cut.

“I would feel outraged if they cut the choir program,” she says. “Music and arts in general, whether you’re taking choir or band, all have benefits, including increased confidence with public speaking and presenting.”

The arts have helped her overall academic performance.

“Creative writing is easier than ever now that I’m taking art courses. Art has helped my grades in a number of ways. Reading music encourages memorization, which has helped with subjects such as math, not to mention my overall my GPA  has improved since taking art courses like choir.”  

Kline sings to help calm her down and focus on the school work at hand. It makes taking tests less stressful. Without music school days would just be a day filled with educational and sometimes difficult  classes. But with Lincoln’s substantial arts programs, Kline says she “feels more relaxed and ready to learn.”

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