New Member of the Flock

Claire Hogenson, a 14-year-old freshman at Lincoln High School, is already in control of the new school year. She’s enjoying her classes, meeting new people and part of the the junior varsity 2 volleyball team.

“At first it looks like a small school and campus, but the culture is really big. When you walk through the doors, you can feel it percolating with spirit, and you know students here love Lincoln and are huge supporters of each other. That’s what makes it a great place to be,” says Hogenson.

Although she was nervous going into a new environment, she was pleasantly surprised at the warm welcome from students and staff, who helped her navigate the labyrinth of LHS. She’s creating good connections with her teachers and history is already  her favorite class. She also enjoys Spanish and math, though they are a bit challenging. Unlike most of her classmates who have come from various middle schools, primarily West Sylvan, this is Hogenson’s first new environment in nine years.

She came from St. Thomas More, a private Catholic K-8 school.

“The class sizes were small, it was like Starbursts candy, miniature in size, but full of flavor. There were actually only 27 kids in my whole eighth grade class,” says  Hogenson. She describes how it was nice being in a small school because it was more personal and she could bond with the students and teachers easily.

During her last year at St. Thomas More, Hogenson joined the volleyball team. Volleyball wasn’t only a sport and a fun activity to do with friends, it also symbolized the end of her era there. However, she fell in love with the sport and has kept her passion in high school.

New friends on the JV2 volleyball team only help Hogenson love the sport more. Getting to play with girls in different grades and backgrounds, she has mett more people, and being a freshman on the team doesn’t make her feel, “the youngest.”

She also is creating  new memories with a community of girls she already has a special bond with. They have games, practices and classes together, but the behind the scenes are thrilling bus rides to games, delicious food and the support of the other Lincoln volleyball girls. Hogenson says she’s looking forward to the next few months of the season and getting to know her team better. She can’t wait for that time when the team can communicate without even having to say a word to each other.

With sports and other school events ahead, Hogenson seems to be setting the way for an active future at Lincoln. She’s found a new home – new classes, friends, teachers and the volleyball team.