Ultimate frisbee club: State or bust


Parker Trelstad

Lincoln’s Ultimate Frisbee team poses after a win at Chapman Elementary School during the 2014-15 season.

Lincoln has a bounty of clubs and student unions to join, in addition to several athletic teams to fit a student’s abilities. One club that combines both the organized qualities of a club and the competitive aspects of team sports is the Ultimate Frisbee club.

Seniors Parker Trelstad and Gavin Usher started the club in 2014. “Gavin and I just saw a frisbee during lunch sophomore year. We started playing,” Trelstad said, “and we thought, ‘We should make this into a club next year.’ And so that’s how it started.”

Since then, the club has grown immensely. Enough players committed last school year that the team was able to join the Portland Ultimate’s Fall Youth league and played several schools from the PIL, such as Wilson and Grant. They finished with a 3-1 record.

Trelstad and Usher are aiming for more wins in this season, while also acquiring new players for the roster, 29 in total. This is how the club looks a lot like a sports team.

But students know it as a club rather than a sport because of the laid-back nature of both the leaders and Ultimate Frisbee in general.

“We practice at least twice a week during lunch at school and after,” Trelstad said. “At those practices, we play frisbee pick-up games, practice our skills and we sometimes have special guests from professional teams come down to help us out.”

The players also agree that being on the team is an experience unlike any other club at Lincoln.

“It’s great exercise for people who hate running and is a relatively contact-free sport for people who don’t like getting hit,”  Ben Stickney said. “There also isn’t much need for expensive equipment. It’s fun to play a sport that doesn’t take itself seriously, competitively.”

The team has a roster of returning juniors and seniors, along with a surplus of rookies ready for competition.

“All we have to do is sign up for state and we can compete,” Trelstad said. The only obstacle is how to get to Salem in May. Usher and Trelstad hope to transport the team in a couple of RVs. “This would be our first year competing at state and we hope it can be a good experience for everyone.”