Course aims to improve grad rate

    As Oregon’s education system struggles to improve its  graduation rate, Lincoln launched College and Career Exploration (CCE) this year as a mandatory freshman course. Oregon ranks 49th in the country for graduation at 69 percent, compared to PPS’ 91 percent.

The course gives freshmen a glimpse of life after high school, whether that’s college, a career or otherwise.

    “The intention of the course is to help students connect the dots between school and career in ways that keep them motivated,” Henry Hooper said. Trevor Todd, Dana Guest and Jessica Mallare-Best teach the course along with Hooper.

    The course mixes a practical advice with self-exploration. After students reflect on their strengths and interests, they will look at possible careers, basics of personal finance, importance of community service and expectations for college and scholarships. They are also taught how to create a digital portfolio which will demonstrate proficiencies as measured by Oregon Career Related Learning Standards and AVID Grade 9 Elective Standards.

    “By the end of the course, students will have opportunities for meaningful exploration that will create excitement around college and careers,” Hooper said, and “give students a clear pathway to their future possibilities.”

Madison, Benson, Wilson launched a pilot of the class last year, and now it has been adopted by all other Portland Public Schools high schools with the exception of Grant.

    “I’m really excited for the class, I think it will be very beneficial and interesting,” freshman Olivia Sterling said.

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