ISC prepares for International Food Festival

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Students in ISC have started to plan the International Food Festival, which will be taking place on May 26 at Mercy Corps. “Food is a universal language; there is no linguistic confine in its expression, as it speaks through and to the true common tongue,” senior ISC member David Seung said.

The main goal of the festival is to raise money for the non-profit organization Island Ventures which seeks to bring education to children in Indonesia. “Hopefully we will be able to raise money for the organization while bringing cultural appreciation, awareness, inspiration, and enjoyment to all who attend, “Seung said.

Local restaurants such as St Honoré will be helping to provide different types of food for the event. A few of the potential restaurants include Pok Pok, Andina, Cha Cha Cha, and Nice Rice.

The festival will be a student-organized event, and different ISC members have been tasked with multiple jobs. “I was tasked with organizing art for the event, finding a henna artist, cleaning at and after the event, and providing security for it,” Seung said.

Other jobs include finding student artists who can sell their work, and other restaurants that can bring food to the festival. While students will be organizing and running the event there aren’t any plans for having any students cook food for the festival.

Students are also planning to have different types of entertainment such as the Lincoln Jazz Ensemble, and a scavenger hunt. “Through a food festival, not only can individuals of all backgrounds experience diversity; they can truly savor it,” Seung said.