Drumline takes fourth in state competition


The drumline coordinates while performing "Unconditional" on March 7.

The Lincoln Percussion Ensemble performed its latest show, “Unconditional,” on March 7 at the state competition, taking 4th overall at Skyview High School. “This year has been about rebuilding the program as we had lost a lot of our best musicians last year,” senior drummer Ryan Asbury said.

“Unconditional” is based on the concept of the love between a parent and child. The percussionists focus on a child’s life from birth to adulthood, acting out different common stages of life from the parent’s perspective. “Really our audience is more of the parents than the students” Asbury said.

“While most schools buy their shows from organizations, a few years back our directors decided that they would exercise their own creativity,” Asbury said.  Director Jeff Bush and Leila Hawana helped to put together the show, while visual instructor Bailey Cook came up with the idea and choreography.

“We have been practicing the piece since November in order to prepare for the competition,” Asbury said. Practice included instructing everyone on marching, playing, performance techniques, and rehearsing the performance music and visuals

“We have a lot of people who are very new to the activity, so it has been very different,” Asbury said. The drumline had less rehearsal time this year due to players getting sick. “With limited rehearsals, every hour counts,” Asbury said.

The next competition for the drumline will take place at Sherwood High School on March 21, followed by the regional championships at Evergreen High School on March 28.

Update: The LPE took 2nd at the final tournament at Evergreen High School on March 28.

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