Lincoln hosts LAN tournament

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Nikhil Rajbhandary won Lincoln’s first LAN gaming tournament on Jan. 30 in the cafeteria. Approximately 35 students showed up over the course of the event with their own desktops/laptops to play computer games with friends. Alexander Hansen took second in the “Super Smash Bros Melee” competition, and Zach Guastadisegni was third.

The LAN was created by the leaders of the E-Sports Club Louie Liu and Colin Phipps.

Included in the event were “League of Legends” and “Counter Strike: Global Offensive,” as well as a competition for the gamecube game “Super Smash Bros Melee.” Students attending brought their own computers as well as Gamecube consoles and TV’s.

Participants also had to bring proof that they were passing all of their classes and pay a $3 entrance fee.

While the LAN included computer games, “Super Smash Bros Melee” ended up being the main focus of the tournament. “I think that there was a variety of games being played, which is cool, but doesn’t promote good tournament atmosphere,” Liu said.

Though students had to bring their own equipment, the school helped to pay for pizza and other nourishments.

A few games being played didn’t end up being a part of the competition because some students had issues connecting to the internet. Even though there wasn’t a tournament for the computer games, students who didn’t have internet issues found themselves playing with others who came for the same game.

Even with a few problems, the E-sports club is looking to host further competitions in the coming months. “We definitely want to sponsor more events in the future” Liu said. “The event seemed organized and ran smoothly,” Rajbhandary said, “but I hope more people show up next time.”