Netflix Pick of The Week: “Jesus Camp”

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Ever wonder what it’s like to be brainwashed into believing and becoming fully enthralled by a religion? Even if you haven’t, the documentary “Jesus Camp” reveals the chilling truths about one evangelical Christian camp as the experiences of three children attendees are followed.

The documentary highlights some of the horrors and suffering that transfixes children who are forced to go to the cult-like camp by their parents. Issues such as homosexuality and abortions are explained to the children in the camp as they are conditioned to hold the church’s beliefs.

Even with its narrow-minded teachings, the church behind the camp is shown being able to get its representatives into positions of power within the government. The documentary explains how teaching the children their beliefs is one way that the church gains support for its political actions.

The expressions of the children as they are taught that they must “take America back for Christ” helps to illustrate the amount of brainwashing involved within the camp. Daily routines such as singing and dancing about reforming America are also shown. Interviews with the three children before and after the camp provides a view of the powerful shift in thinking in each child.

While every minute of “Jesus Camp” can be infuriating, the documentary is also necessary as it sheds light on a part of America that many are unaware of. Even with the abstract beliefs documented, the film stays rather neutral through each section.

“Jesus Camp” was nominated for “Best Documentary Feature” at the 79th Academy Awards. However, the anger created by viewers of the film also led to the closure of the camp.

With the extreme beliefs of individuals in the film, it’s easy to quit halfway through, but for those looking for something to get angry about, “Jesus Camp” is the perfect choice available on Netflix.