Netflix Pick of The Week: ‘Attack on Titan’ brings new life to anime

“Attack on Titan” is the most successful anime in the past five years with a story arc and characters that appeal to many who aren’t familiar with the genre. Based off of an award winning manga, the series showcases both wonderful animations as well as an intriguing storyline.

Unlike other Japanese anime which contain multiple fillers that are used to lengthen the story, “Attack on Titan” presents a concise and appealing first season that leaves viewers craving for more.

The series takes place in a world where humanity is threatened by larger humans called “titans” which seem to only want to eat the smaller humans. The story focuses on a young man named Erin Jaeger who is driven to defend his city after the death of his mother, who is promptly eaten by a titan in the second episode.

Each episode helps to explain the mystery of the titans, and many of the battles end in ruthless carnage. The abstract universe setting is compelling and reflects modern societal expectations and corruption in power.

The show is also notable for killing off characters that seem to have a large impact on the story but die as fast as they are introduced. This technique of building a background for individuals and then killing them off quickly in a following episode makes each character seem vulnerable and powerless to the central threat.

While it was recently announced that the next season won’t be released until 2016, now is the perfect time to see if the series is your cup of tea. With its stellar story and mysterious characters, the show provides entertainment with every new twist and turn. The whole season is available on Netflix, and anyone who doesn’t generally watch anime may find a pleasant surprise.