Mockingjay Part 1: What We’ve All Been Waiting For

Mockingjay Part 1: What We’ve All Been Waiting For

Finally, after months of action-packed, mysterious trailers and previews, “Mockingjay Part One” is in the theaters. It is the third movie in the “Hunger Games” trilogy, and it came out Nov. 21.

Jennifer Lawrence returns as Katniss Everdeen, who starts a rebellion against an oppressive government. Throughout the movie, she fights for equal rights and opportunity while sparking a revolution in the dystopian world. Starting off where the second movie, “Catching Fire,” ended, Katniss is unconscious from her wild escape from the arena for the Quarter Quells. After waking up in the hidden District 13, it is pretty much all action from there on out.

The movie seems to fly by, and despite the 2-hour-3-minute length, an engaging storyline takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster. One moment you’ll be laughing at one of Katniss’ sassy remarks, the next, you’ll have tears in your eyes. Not only was the acting great all around, but the cinematography was amazing, as well. The sounds and all computer-generated effects seem lifelike, and the soundtrack, with most of the songs by Lorde, was awesome.

Overall, “Mockingjay Part 1” is a great movie, and I cannot wait to see what Part 2 has in store for us.


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