Netflix Pick of the Week: ‘Dexter’ goes for blood


Dexter is the highest-rated Showtime program on IMDb with a 9/10.

Showtime has brought us incredible classics when it comes to TV. Whether it be “Homeland,” “Weeds,” or “Shameless,” the network never fails to impress. Both IMDb and I agree that “Dexter” is Showtime’s most outstanding installment. If you haven’t watched “Dexter” before, first of all, welcome to the world. Second, lead actor Michael C. Hall portrays Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Police Department. Though in contrast to his occupation which fulfills justice, he is predominantly focused on committing crimes in the form of serial killings. Besides the fact that he has constant urges, his crime has a purpose.

 When he was younger, his foster father Harry Morgan (James Remar) was a police officer and taught Dexter to respect justice and the law. After his death, Dexter lived by a specific code: to kill only those who deserved to die. Creator James Manos Jr. repeatedly incorporates flashbacks to elaborate on questions about Dexter’s insatiable bloodlust, his relationship with his father, and how he contrasts with his sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter). The program is based on a motif of blood, which is evident simply after watching the intro which Showtime calls “Morning Routine” and consists of a series of extreme closeup shots of Dexter preparing for work. The motif is evident when he cuts himself while shaving, pours blood-like tabasco on his fried eggs, a mosquito bites his arm, and when he juices a blood orange.

In several instances in time, Dexter’s cover could be blown by anyone, whether it be by the “Ice Truck Killer” or his enemy coworker Sergeant James Doakes (Erik King). Will Dexter’s secrets ever be revealed? Will justice for which he works finally catch up to him? Well, certainly not any time soon, as the entire series consists of  a grand total of 96 45 minute-long episodes. Yes, I can sympathize with those who are uneasy when it comes to blood, but besides that, “Dexter” will surely keep you captivated.