‘The Maze Runner’ – More than a YA adaptation

The Maze Runner - More than a YA adaptation

From its opening scene, “The Maze Runner” is a film that will have you glued to your seat in anticipation. It’s the kind of movie you can’t stop watching from beginning to end. Part of the reason for its compelling nature is that it begins with so many unanswered questions.

The film begins when the newest arrival to the Glade, essentially a large piece of farmland surrounded by a giant maze terrorized by horrible monsters known as Grievers, is deposited into the community of young men. He has no memory of how he got there or who sent him. Thomas, played by Dylan O’Brien, is the kind of protagonist who won’t accept his circumstances. He is desperate to know why he was sent to the Glade and what lies beyond the maze’s walls. However, it is clear that the Gladers and their leader Alby, played by Aml Ameen, have a stringent set of rules in place to maintain order.

The film’s strength is that it keeps you guessing. The audience is just as clueless as the characters and likely just as desperate for answers. Soon after arriving in the Glade, Thomas breaks the number-one rule and enters the maze just as the doors are closing for the night. This impressive act of both stupidity and heroism launches an incredible action sequence and the discovery of the first clue the Gladers have encountered.

Once there is hope of escaping, the film quickly picks up the pace and proceeds to lead us on an action-packed quest for answers. It also offers its share of touching moments between Thomas and Chuck, played by Blake Cooper. Thomas vows to the youngest Glader that he will get him out of the Glade and safely home, cementing his role as the fearless leader of the group.

“The Maze Runner” is a compelling sci-fi thriller. Like many action-based films, the characters aren’t entirely developed or three dimensional, though they all serve a purpose within the story line. Ultimately the film is a triumph of the young adult genre. It proves that a movie aimed at teens can be an impressive stand-alone feature and doesn’t need a love triangle to be successful.

Check out the trailer. http://youtu.be/Xv8ffeBcRC8

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