Damian Lillard Hits an Incredible Game Winner to Advance the Blazers to the Next Round

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The crowd watched in awe as Damian Lillard swished the final shot of the series

Point guard Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers hit the most crucial game-winner in his career so far.

The incredible shot propelled Portland to a feat that they haven’t reached since 2000. However, in this case, Portland’s own Moda Center happened to be the featured venue. With Game Six on the line and nine-tenths of a second to go, Lillard hit an impeccable 3-point shot to put the series between Portland and the Houston Rockets to bed.

With the shot, the game was won by a single point (99-98), the crowd went absolutely insane as the red and white streamers rained down upon the spectators, and the feeds on Twitter and Facebook rolled in at a rapid rate. And all of the excitement from fans without a single free Egg Mcmuffin coupon handed out.

As recently posted by the official Trail Blazer’s Facebook page, “Welcome to Trail Blazers legend status, Damian Lillard!!!” One aspect of the shot that may be the most interesting was that Lillard was wide open for a three, and the man supposedly guarding him was none other than Chandler Parsons, the player who previously scored the layup that put Houston up by two (96-98) with .9 seconds left in the game. But instead, he allowed Lillard to hit Portland’s only 3-pointer in the 4th quarter. His second year on the team and he has led the Trail Blazers to the first Western Conference semifinals in 14 years.

It was a heated game as revealed by the tension felt by the Blazers. Center Robin Lopez briefly talked with the press in the locker room after the game that the game was not as stressful as it could have been. If there was a return to Houston and a Game Seven involved, tensions would have been much higher.  But with a home crowd to witness their attempt at ending the series, the Blazers certainly delivered. Lamarcus Aldridge finished with an impressive double-double with 30 points and 13 rebounds, though in the 4th quarter, he struggled and missed a few crucial shots. He had a final 10/26 field goal shooting ratio.

James Harden led Houston and the game with the most points (34) and was able to grab four boards on the way. Despite Harden and Dwight Howard’s generous contributions to Houston’s points and rebounds, Portland managed to jump ahead by one. After the crucial three was made, Lillard excitedly testified to Portland through means of the announcer’s mic by shouting, “Rip City!” for the entire crowd to hear.

On top of the win, the Blazers joined spectators in a moment of silence in remembrance of former coach Jack Ramsay, who previously led the team to its first and only championship in 1977.

The Blazers now fly to Texas for their next series debut against the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday after the Spurs beat the Dallas Mavericks in Game Seven 119-96 on Sunday. Lincoln Alum Albert Yang hoped that Dallas would be Portland’s next opponent. “The Spurs have a very good and effective bench,” Yang said. “No one averages more than 30 minutes a game, so they know how to distribute playing time effectively. I don’t think we’ll have any chance of advancing to the conference finals if our matchup is San Antonio.”