Marjorie Sheiman Reaches for the Stars

Marjorie Sheiman Reaches for the Stars

As Lincoln students prepare for life after high school, sophomore Marjorie Sheiman focuses her attention on what she loves to do most: sing. A musical theatre performer since age nine, Sheiman is now discovering other forms of the art.

    “I started choral (operatic) singing last year, and in June I tried out for Portland Youth Choir (PYC) and got in. I went to my first competition in January, and it was hard; I actually cried onstage as I left, but it was definitely a good experience.” Sheiman also participated in the solo and ensemble choral competition hosted at Grant High School on March 9 and played the role of operatic Mary Sunshine in the winter production of Chicago.

For the aspiring singer, inspiration comes strong in several performers. “The first time I listened to Cecilia Bartoli sing, I started to cry. Her voice is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard,” she said. “Bethany (Schweitzer-Goshorn), the choir teacher here, has also been really inspiring to me. She started singing in high school, just like me, and if I can one day sing like her that would be an incredible accomplishment.”

    “I definitely want to go into singing as a career,” Sheiman said, regarding her future. “I’ve been looking into a lot of big name music colleges and some smaller arts schools. When I’m worried about money, I think ‘sure, I’d be kind of happy as a doctor, but I’d love every moment of being a singer,’ and that makes the struggle worth it.”

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