Hailey Tollner Takes Center Stage


Junior Hailey Tollner

The lights dim and the band blasts its jazzy ballad. Suddenly a girl appears on stage and begins her rendition of “Funny Honey.” That girl is junior Hailey Tollner as the lead in “Chicago”, the spring musical. While Tollner has appeared in three school productions, she also interns and performs for the Northwest Children’s Theatre. Her first professional role was in “Peter Pan” and she has teched for numerous other productions. Tollner also teaches acting workshops for youth ages 2-16. Her passion for acting began in elementary school. “In fifth grade I got the part of Alice in “Alice in Wonderland” in our school show,” Tollner said, “and I realized it was something I was good at and wanted to keep doing.” She intends to keep performing and one day hopes to be either performing on Broadway or doing cabaret.

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